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Randy Allen - KA0AZS ka0azs at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 19 15:30:35 EDT 2004

Actually, this sounds like the kludge I dumped when I got my D700! ;-)

I found that I was wiring everything up in the vehicle for only BIG (multi-day) public service events. Don't forget in addition to the equipment listed above we're talking power to it all, plus to the GPS, plus a second radio antenna (the first being the voice radio).   Speaking of which, I missed what TNC and GPS you were using in your equipment list.

With a D700, it's always there for all events, and a good dual band radio if I only need voice.

It is a lot a fun to make this all work, but I think  for compactness and effecient use of space, the D700 is THE way for 2 way mobile APRS.  For Events I plug a laptop with +SA into the radio and run mapping.  I also keep the Palm loaded with PocketAPRS for contingency ops (although the grey scale mapping on a PalmIIIXE is hardly optimal)

Notice I said "2 way" mobile APRS.  I have a couple of TinyTraks for transmit only trackers, I have absolutely zero interest in conventional packet so the limitations of the D700 TNC don't bother me, and if buying new, by the time I bought a good dual VFO, dual band mobile and a TNC we're closing in on the price of the D700. 

Ah well, discussing you equipment  choices (Ford vs Chevy,  Colt vs Smith&Wesson, etc.) if half the fun of any hobby.


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Sorry to rag on you Bob but you should have stayed away from this topic :)

One of my most recent setups is an old PalmIIIc which I have hard-wired and
velcro-ed to the back of my FT23r.
The palm is running PocketAPRS and gets its power from the FT23r directly.
I can TX and RX, handle smart messaging, and digipeat :)
Total size and weight smaller and lighter than the D7.

I also have my good old Ipaq, which could be setup the same way.as the Palm
and often is but since its a business tool also, I prefer to use the old
cheap PalmIIIc with the equally as cheap FT23r plus the PocketAPRS.

FT23r: $65
Pocketaprs software:$40
total $164.00 US
benifits of going this route.
*Cheap entry level graphical aprs with moving maps.
*Free software updates.
*Can be used as packet terminal
*Can run other software packages like satellite tracking.
*A really nice organiser

Again I hate to rag on you Bob and dont mean it personally but, you really
cant beat that for entry level APRS functionality.

Randy Allen

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