[aprssig] Re: Radio Recommendation

DG2JW dg2jw at privateasylum.com
Mon Jul 19 15:06:38 EDT 2004

Sorry to rag on you Bob but you should have stayed away from this topic :)

One of my most recent setups is an old PalmIIIc which I have hard-wired and
velcro-ed to the back of my FT23r.
The palm is running PocketAPRS and gets its power from the FT23r directly.
I can TX and RX, handle smart messaging, and digipeat :)
Total size and weight smaller and lighter than the D7.

I also have my good old Ipaq, which could be setup the same way.as the Palm
and often is but since its a business tool also, I prefer to use the old
cheap PalmIIIc with the equally as cheap FT23r plus the PocketAPRS.

FT23r: $65
Pocketaprs software:$40
total $164.00 US
benifits of going this route.
*Cheap entry level graphical aprs with moving maps.
*Free software updates.
*Can be used as packet terminal
*Can run other software packages like satellite tracking.
*A really nice organiser

Again I hate to rag on you Bob and dont mean it personally but, you really
cant beat that for entry level APRS functionality.

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