[aprssig] Tracker power control relay

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Jul 19 14:04:50 EDT 2004

> Scott - consider using a high side switching FET instead. IRF has some
> little parts that are pretty cheap. 5 amps in an SO-8 package for < $2 or
> amps in a TO-220-5 package for < $6. Logic level input. I can dig up some
> part numbers if you would like.

I'm looking over IRF's site now, but send me what you've got.  You're right,
a FET is probably a better idea.  What kind of heat sink are you using?

> The IRF3310's include over current protection and shutdown, so in this
> application there will not be any fuses.

That's cool... I'll check it out.



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