[aprssig] Disgusted with APRS (HID's)

Robbie - WA9INF mwrobertson at comcast.net
Mon Jul 19 09:22:01 EDT 2004

Serious question I think...

If a digipeater is set to digi only on WIDEN-N and HID is off, as I 
understand it, they will not be adding their call, thus, they will never 
be identifying their transmissions?

If they set something to insert their call, then they add their call to 
the header, thus defeating the purpose if WIDEN? What have I 
misunderstood here?

I know of one station that is doing the insertion, plus show they have 
decremented the N by one... I get a little confused on the purpose of 
running WIDEN and still place their call in the header, <g>



Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Disgusted with what I see on APRS!
> PLEASE.  Check your TNC.  If HID is ON, turn it off.
> THEN check the TNC initialization files used with your
> software and REPORT if it is not properly setting HID OFF.
> Then lets get those authors to fix it and release new
> software.
> de Wb4APR, Bob

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