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Danny danny at messano.net
Sun Jul 18 18:57:11 EDT 2004

No one but Motorola can use the phrase "Private Line" tones.  There are 100 different ways to get around it.. "Selective Calling", "Channel Guard" and of course, the generic CTCSS (The non fancy name).  Just like Motorola can use DPL, and the rest of the world uses "DCS", etc.

I have never seen PL exclusively referred to for TX and CTCSS exclusively for RX.  You see "TX PL" and "RX PL" all the time.  Typically the verbage for CTCSS seems to be "Rx Tone Tx Tone" or "Use a CTCSS tone of xxx for Rx and xxx for Tx".  I have never seen "The PL tone is xxx (referring to the transmit) and the CTCSS tone (referring to the recieve) is xxx" either.

Most of the guys I know in the land mobile radio business have NEVER used the term CTCSS in their life. While Motorola may be the only one allowed to use the phrase "Private Line", you'll be hard pressed to find a tech that calls it anything but "PL" or "Private Line".

Danny Messano

Sunday, July 18, 2004, 5:16:43 PM, you wrote:

K> I don't see the Motorola trademark being a difference. If the mark is still
K> in effect, then only a product made or licensed by Motorola would be allowed
K> to use it. So, is every radio manufacturer that claims to be using PL tones
K> paying Motorola for the use of the term, when they could just say "selective
K> tones" and not pay the license fee?

K> And even that doesn't explain why the whole industry uses the term PL for tx
K> only, and CTCSS for rx only. If I'm transmitting a PL tone, someone else
K> needs to be receiving a PL tone to use it. But the industry says they
K> receive CTCSS...meaning PL. Or vice versa.

K> Makes no sense at all, trademark usage or otherwise.

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