[aprssig] APRS Monitoring and activity

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Fri Dec 31 14:32:06 EST 2004

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>>>> bruninga at usna.edu 12/30/04 10:08 AM >>>
>>As I said in an earlier post, APRS is not an end in itself....
>>In our area, there are somthing like 25 packet freqs on ...
>>Today, I'm home and stepping through all  25 channels about
>>30 minutes on each.  I have alrady found 3 JNOS nodes,
>>a local BBS, and a DX cluster and Im only on the 4th channel
> Rest of day was less successful.
> Im through 20 channels and have found 6 more assets.
> I have discoverd that WinLINK stations do not beacon
> their position nor status.  They are totally silent unless
> someone logs on.  Then you capture that response.

That is a Telpac nodes personnal choice.  Remember, these things use normal 
TNC's and they can be set to beacon
on their frequencies.  The LT buffers can be set to beacon anything in my 
I really do not know why they don't do this.....mine does to an unproto path 


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