[aprssig] winlink

Kevin Brown - KC0CZI kc0czi at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 31 12:14:40 EST 2004

Sorry Bob but what you suggest...

>>It is those mobiles that will probably also be the first to use WinLINK
while portable. (WinLINK is *not* a fixed station system.  It is for mobiles
and portables only).  And most D7 mobiles run in APRS mode most of the time
because of its heads-up front panel display of info. They switch to PACKET
mode to make the WinLINK call.  

... Isn't going to work.  Those radios are very cantankerous to make work
with winlink... (if at all).     Further, WL2K *is* for mobiles/portables as
you suggest...but it is also useful to 'internet isolated' fixed stations as

The discussion on the D7/D700 has been discussed ad-naseum on the WL2K
relfector. No need to repeat it here (again).  Just suffice to say that the
APRSSIG ought NOT be suggesting they are acceptable for WL2K.

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