[aprssig] NetNodes, the future

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Wed Dec 29 14:01:36 EST 2004

Robert Bruninga wrote:

>NO, no, no.  RELAY,WIDE,WIDE should continue
>to work perfectly!   (though R,W is preferred in most
>busy areas)...
>No one ever needs to switch to an interstate LINKn-N unless 
>he is trying to go more than 2 hops to talk to another trucker 
>across a vast distance (think Utah and Nevada) using
>5 hops or something.   The LINKn-N's are only to allow 
>occassional long hops for the wiiilderness without at the same 
>time generateing 100 dupes across millions of square miles.
>that the old WIDEn-N would do.
And this is generally not necessary because the IGates will do the job 
of sending the message ANYWHERE in the world.  Setting up LINKn-Ns are 
fine, but GENERALLY not necessary unless there is not an IGate within 
two hops.  This is increasingly unlikely.

>RELAY,WIDE are fundamental and we want them to
>work EVERYWHERE.  ( though under the new paradigm
>SSn-N would be more efficient for local ops..)
>People with trackers will continue to run R,W or R,W,W
>and dont ever need to change it.  The LINKn-N and SSn-N
>are for people with kenwoods or other mobiles that can
>change paths with the push of a b utton and may want to
>extend their RF range to match where they are. for more
>capability.  Bob
You keep saying Kenwoods... I have had a D7 for five years and have 
never been able to change my path with the push of a button.  Please 

Phil - AD6NH

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