[aprssig] NetNodes, the future

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 29 12:50:08 EST 2004

NO, no, no.  RELAY,WIDE,WIDE should continue
to work perfectly!   (though R,W is preferred in most
busy areas)...

No one ever needs to switch to an interstate LINKn-N unless 
he is trying to go more than 2 hops to talk to another trucker 
across a vast distance (think Utah and Nevada) using
5 hops or something.   The LINKn-N's are only to allow 
occassional long hops for the wiiilderness without at the same 
time generateing 100 dupes across millions of square miles.
that the old WIDEn-N would do.

RELAY,WIDE are fundamental and we want them to
work EVERYWHERE.  ( though under the new paradigm
SSn-N would be more efficient for local ops..)

People with trackers will continue to run R,W or R,W,W
and dont ever need to change it.  The LINKn-N and SSn-N
are for people with kenwoods or other mobiles that can
change paths with the push of a b utton and may want to
extend their RF range to match where they are. for more
capability.  Bob

>>> "Chris Rose" <kb8uih at sbcglobal.net> 12/29/04 12:10:27 PM >>>
  I set my Kenwoods to RELAY,WIDE,WIDE.  I haven't tried to set them
RELAY,WIDE2-2.  Now, with the changes to LinkN-n, etc. for whatever 
expressway you drive, it is more complicated than ever.  If someone can

write me personally to help clear the mud on this issue, I would
appreciate it.  I am very confused on that issue.   If different
regions of 
the country all set different parameters, you have to keep setting your
over and over depending on how far you travel and or where you travel.

Hopefully I am not making it out to be more than it is but I won't know
to set my radio up for trips now.


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  > AE5PL Lists wrote:
  >>RELAY,WIDE2-2 is KISS.  I352-2,I302-2, etc. is not KISS.  Making
  >>connections via AE5PL-10 from a mobile (or any other station) is
  > I'm in agreement here.  One of my biggest complaints over the years
  > travelling with my D7 in my truck is that I generally have to
adjust my
  > path at several points along my trip to get it to work correctly.
  > Because Southern California currently does not support RELAY or
  > (I'm working to get that changed), I have to run WIDE2-2 in my
  > here.  But, if I travel north or east, I may need to change to
  > WIDE at some point along the trip.  As a mobile station, I want to
  > RELAY,WIDE and be done with it and not have to worry about changing
  > at any point.  The other advantage over using RELAY,WIDE is that if
  > digis are set properly (and most of them are), the digi callsign
  > replaces the RELAY and/or the WIDE and you can see your packet
  > later.  This is not happening with XXXXn-N.
  > 73
  > Phil - AD6NH
  > http://www.aprsca.net 

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