[aprssig] Re: More thoughts on Connected Packet

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 28 14:47:00 EST 2004

seeing this WinLINK system, the first thing that comes to
mind here is to make something even simpler, and just an 
internet extension of AX.25.

THus the link only has two commands:
CONNECT and DISCONNECT.  Once you are connected on RF 
you get a propmpt like "Icmd:"

That stands for Internet TNC CommandPrompt:

Then you "connect" to Any callsign on the planet
just like you do with packet.  And just like APRS,
any other node that has last heard XXXXX callsign
will then pass through the connection over RF to the
end user.

Thus, just like our APRS Igate system. the Internet
is the longhaul, but it is an AX.25 end to end
connection via RF, but with the transparent internet 
in the middle.


>>> wa7nwp at jnos.org 12/28/04 2:34:07 PM >>>

> It is SO simple to set up a TelPac node, it's not funny.  And I
agree, the 
> web page is terrible.  It makes something so simple look really
> hard.....and it's not hard at all.  If all the Igates were also
> Nodes, we'd be in GREAT shape for EMCOMM!
> Jim, OFT

No reason they can't be -- specially if running Linux.   telpac_node
trivial to install and run.  It's sitting ready in the background and
knows it's there until it's needed.



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