[aprssig] More thoughts on Connected Packet

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 28 14:35:07 EST 2004

It works.  I just logged onto the local WinLINK and sent myself an
this suggests many questions:
1) Is WINlink multi-user connections?
2) I am logged on now on RF.  Can I just hang out here
    to see if my return Email will come back to me
    automatically, or do I have to do a LM?
3) it does not seem to do much user friendly help.
If I send it something it doesnt understand, just
nothing happens and all further commands are
ignored.  Just nothing.

4) I assume if I reply to a WinLINK Email, that
then on RF I can loggon and get it.  Neat.
Is this from ANY winlink anywhere?  Or do I have
to loggon where I sent it?


>>> spider at rivcom.net 12/28/04 2:00:26 PM >>>
I do not think most programmers make good technical writers.....that is
there are technical writers!

Think of this, Scott.....

A Telpac node is an extension of a bbs.

A TelPac node uses a Telnet connection to a remote BBS.

To the user, that pretty much sums up WinLink.  Yes there is more ,but
is a basic description.

It is SO simple to set up a TelPac node, it's not funny.  And I agree,
web page is terrible.  It makes something so simple look really really

hard.....and it's not hard at all.  If all the Igates were also Telpac

Nodes, we'd be in GREAT shape for EMCOMM!

Jim, OFT

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>> The resergence in connected mode packet is called Winlink2k.
>> Check it out at:   http://www.winlink.org 
> What irritates me about the Winlink website is that I can't find any
> techinical overview of how the system works.  It seems to be packaged
as a
> service, tied to their central server, and maybe they just don't want
> go
> into details.. or maybe they're just afraid of scaring off the
> operators.
> Is there any overview of the system written for a network
> Why does the system use its own mail format rather than MIME?
> Scott
> N1VG
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