[aprssig] LinkN-N for dummies

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 22 12:51:02 EST 2004

At Ga Tech:
is the digi necessary for mobiles in downtown Atlanta to get
out?  If the answer to that is yes, then you might want to
uspport the interstates.  But if the mobile passing through
Atlanta on the long haul only needs the Ga Tech digi for
maybe 2 minutes, then it is better to let it serve the local
area better.

If support for both 85 and 75 are required then let one be
UIFLOOD and the other be UITRACE.  But then you cannot
support GAn-N.  But does the digi need to?  Maybe not.

Of course, you can always parallel two TNC's off the same
digi radio and then have fourn n-N systems...

And lastly, I do not see a need for every digi along every
interstate to support the LINKn-N at all.  In fact, the
fewer the better.  Just make sure that the ones that do
can hear each other.  The small ones are just adding

Remember the purpose of the LINKn-N's is to digi for
the long haul traveler along that route, and not necessarily for
saturation delivery to locals along that route.

Hope that helps.

>>> tim at cailloux.com 12/21/04 10:26 PM >>>
> http://www.kd4rdb.com/aprs/istates.html

This is exactly what I've been wanting to make the change to the digi I 
run (W4AQL, Georgia Tech).  Thanks!  However, my digi is in the 
semi-unique position of being in Downtown Atlanta, with the infamous 
Downtown Connector.  That highway there is referred to as I-75, I-85, 
and 75/85.

Is there a general consensus of the group as to what digits should be 
set to when they're serving highways that have more than one designator?

  I'd be tempted to keep the Wide designation on the digi to service a 
larger number of people (both those on 75 and 85 as they run through 
town, and I-20 to some extent as well).


Tim Cailloux
tim at cailloux.com

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