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AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Mon Dec 20 21:43:53 EST 2004

When we set up digis SR3DPN and SR2DDU everything was well, digis work with 
KPC3+ v.8.3, exept there is no timer for UIDIGI ON ..., just for UIFLOOD and 
Digis SR3DGT-15 and SR2DBZ work with KPC3+ v.9.0 and there is a lot of 
duplicates. We've checked everything: anyone runs crazy IGate or WIDE digi 
at home station etc., and finally we found v9.0 does all duplicates.
New command UIDUPE is not explained in manual, only ?UIDUPE gives some 
UIDUPE   Timer for UI duplicate checking (0-255 seconds)
But all timers do not work UIFLOOD UITRACE and UIDUPE
I have also one KPC3+ v9.0 on my desk in Chicago for some tests, if you want 
to check it let me know.

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> Bob,
>    Did I miss something here? Are you saying that "Trace" won't work 
> anymore at least with the KPC-3 TNC's set up as digi's? Several of us have 
> been using "Trace " instead of "Wide" to work around the D700 decrementing 
> SSID's issue. There are still some people around here who will not set up 
> their D700s correctly. Regularly we see WR9A and others, decremented all 
> the way down to -9! I've never seen a "Trace" get changed. I know it's a 
> kluge but it seems to work for us.
> 73,
> Al, K9SI
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