[aprssig] USA Map of new n-N paradigm

Gale D. Wilkinson gdwrbw at ftc-i.net
Mon Dec 20 12:07:30 EST 2004

Which SC digi were you referring to?  I know of 2 counting mine,



Robert Bruninga wrote:

>Here is a national map to show the progress of the new 
>n-N paradigm:
>Not only will it show our progress, but eventually it will
>show all those remote and wilderness areas where WIDEn-N
>will continue to be supported and those Interstate LNKn-N's.
>If you are maiking the new n-N paradigm shift, please let
>me know so I can update the map.  I currently show:
>ALABAMA has converted
>Maryland has committed to the shift
>One big digi in SC has shifted.
>SW Arizona is testing it
>Any others?
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