[aprssig] BIG-TALL digis that hear FAR too MUCH!

William McKeehan mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net
Tue Dec 14 18:27:37 EST 2004

I have been playing with only RELAY for the past couple of weeks - for getting
to an IGate, my results have been about the same as they were with RELAY,

While I know you said it in jest, I think it would be interesting for everyone
(or several of us anyway) to try using RELAY only for a while.

Just an idea.

On Tue, December 14, 2004 6:18 pm, Robert Bruninga said:
> Wow, another aspect of the alphabetical list of DIGIS:
> http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs/digiphgc.txt
> Is to look up all the digis that are in your greater area.
> and look at their user counts.  The 7 digis that cover
> the greater WashDC/BALtimore area EACH have from
> 131 to over 300 users PER DIGI!
> This should tell EVERYONE in this area that even
> 2 hops is TOO MUCH.  One hop - and one-hop only!
> (to paraphrase Sean Connery in Red October)...
> Wow we have grown.
> The fix for this is to drop everything but RELAY everywhere
> and only allow one hop  (only kidding)...
> But it is true.  With all those digis, my mobile only gets in
> when I am CLOSE to one of the digis.  And this is not
> because of weak signals, it is because one has to be
> CLOSE to a digi to OVERCOME all the other QRM that it
> is hearing.
> Bob
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