[aprssig] Clipped menus in Xastir and other ?'s

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sun Dec 12 17:06:07 EST 2004

I've used 3DEM to plot my flights in 3D before - it also lets you do
fly-along videos, and shows terrain with texture mapping.  But what I really
want is a real-time, 3D display, with terrain projection, free rotation, and
so on.  World Wind does a great job of that, but doesn't have an APRS
interface.  Yet.  If it could be made to work, it'd be awesome for things
like paraglider competitions.


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scott at opentrac.org wrote on 12/12/2004, 10:44 AM:

 > Sweet.  Now we just need a client that'll do 3D projections in real time.
 > I think I might take a look at NASA World Wind and see if it could be
 > made
 > to do that.  Any suggestions on which APRS parsing engine to use?  The
 > library I used to use was abandoned...
 > I'm actually more interested in seeing this for paraglider and hang
 > glider
 > events, but it'd be cool for balloons too.
 > Scott
 > N1VG

Funny how seemingly unrelated posts and off-list correspondence sometime

I've just had a series of private email exchanges with a GPS user in
Brazil.  He's into hang gliding and found the review of the Garmin
Foretrex 201 I wrote and posted on my website.  He asked several
questions about getting data out of it, it's handling of altitude data,
etc with an eye to 3-D plots.   Finally, he responded with this message:

Leonardo Holanda wrote on 12/11/2004, 8:34 PM:

 > Thank you again for the advices. And about the 3d plotting program...
 > When
 > you wrote this message, I didn't have anyone yet. But I found this
 > excellent
 > one:
 >    http://www.stransim.com/tracer.htm

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