[aprssig] Base antennas and a couple other questions

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> #3) They also would like a link repeater setup so that when 'base" needs 
> to be setup in a non-idea radio location we can put a repeater in a better 
> location which will link down to base on a separate frequency. We have 
> found a plastic ammo can style box to place 2 Motorola Radius M1225 units 
> in. The idea was to put 2 SO-259 bulkhead mounts through the ammo can, 
> along with a powerpole connections for power. In addition an extender 
> module either from Echo Communications or a Motorola RICK will be included 
> in the box.

FYI, with some simple modifications, a couple jumpers and a diode, you can 
use a special made cable between the two Radius mobiles and have a frequency 
agile repeater or interoperability link.  I did this in a tool box where I 
can have
4 radius mobiles and I can tie any combo of them together and make links or 
repeaters.  I opted to use seperate antennas simply because I'd never know 
what frequencies would be used or needed.
Works darn good without the investment of a RICK.  Took a couple of hours to 
modify 4 radios and have them mounted in a box, ready to go.  I am still 
playing around with what I would consider the ultimate portable antennas for 
such a deal.


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