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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 8 12:41:46 EST 2004

I appreciate Steve's frustration, and rationale for allowing
multiple SYMBOL sets.  But I also worry very much about
having "incompatible" sets which can drastically undermine
the integrity of APRS.

We must have one set of "definitions".   A Boat must be
a Boat.  THough different artists may draw it slightly 
differently.  But there is a lot of subtle information conveyed
in an ICON and too much artistic license can underimine
the universal interpretation that having a "standard" tries
to avoid...  

But there is pride in drawing and I respect that.  But all sets
must have the SAME definitions for each symbol.
 de WB4APR, Bob

>>> k4hg at tapr.org 12/8/04 10:53:58 AM >>>
Well, for years I've been begging for new icons for findU, and now it
looks like
I'm about to have multiple sets, so here is what I'm going to do...

Any icon set submitted to me will be placed on the server under the
callsign of
the submitter, there is a new parameter to both find and plot to use
any icon
set desired:


For now, since only one of these icon sets has been submitted, the
remains the old findU set. When the second which has been promised to
me arrives
(and any others that are submitted, if you ever wanted to submit an
iconset, now
is your chance!), I'll announce the choices and run a vote, the winner
become the new default set, but all submitted will remain available
using the
iconset parameter.

If you want to submit an icon set, it needs to be in the format of


Be sure the white backgroud is set transparent. You need to state that
the icons
are derived from the above (which I copied, with permission, from the
MacAPRS set when I created javAPRS), your own work, or copied with
from someone else. I refuse to get in the middle of disputes about who
from who, if you submit a set with the above statement I'll post the
and if you feel someone else has stolen from you, take it up with them,
not me.
I'm not going to go pixel to pixel trying to figure out the prigins of

Steve K4HG

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