[aprssig] APRS Symbols- Direction/Vectoring

aa3jy at winlink.org aa3jy at winlink.org
Tue Dec 7 11:19:36 EST 2004

WB4APR said:

I)    In general there is inconsistency  in the direction the mobiles
are pointed.  If they are fixed and dont point in azimuth, then
they should all point the same way.   And in general, most
APRS users are "right-to-left" thinking, so I think the fixed
oriented ones should all point to the right.  (though, I would 
welcome user software that would flip the pixels left-to-right
if they have a heading to the west)...


I enjoy watching those Big Boys (truckers) running backwards on the Interstate.. but watch'n a M/C in 'reverse'..well that has no logic.. :)

Clay AA3JY
(via Winlink)

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