[aprssig] Re: Overlay symbols -- WAS: New FINDU cgi for searching by SYMBOL

Stephen H. Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Mon Dec 6 23:41:13 EST 2004

Robert Bruninga wrote on 12/6/2004, 5:40 PM:

 > RE: OW  What is NWS symbol supposed to look like?
 > * I used the normal blue dot with an outer blue circle around it.

So you're trying to overlay something that looks like a Target Stores 
logo but in blue?  I'd think that would make any character overlaid on 
such a busy background almost illegible.  How about just a solid blue 

 > RE: O_  WX Site (green digi)   How is this different from O# (Normal
 > green digi star)?
 > * All digis are supposed to use the overlays these days...

What does that fact that digis should use overlays have to do with this 
issue?  Is the "WX Site (green digi)" supposed to be a solid green star 
identical to the overlay digi symbol ( Alt-#) ?

 > RE: oi  BOXn digi - what is this?  I had previously understood this
 > symbol to apply to very local or interior digipeater.
 > * yes, but it is still a box with an overlay which could be used
 >   for other purposes..

SO is this just a solid box with no digi star inside it? (In my last cut 
on the symbol updates, Rev F set on my web site, I had fitted a standard 
digi star inside an outline of a house with a pitched roof.)

Bear in mind that given the limitations of the programs I am revising 
the symbol set for (UI-View, UI-Point, APRSplus, JavAPRS and FINDU), I 
working with a cell of only 16x16 pixels.  This severely limits the 
complexity of symbols that need to have legible characters overlaid on 

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