[aprssig] RE: New Request for findU... Mic-E Decoding

Sun Dec 5 17:30:28 EST 2004

Maybe I'm missing something...
I'm looking at the find.cgi page.  My truck (KF4OTN-14) is sending Mic-E packets.  I can't tell if the status text is ENROUTE, IN SERVICE, EMERGENCY, etc.  Maybe I'm using the wrong word to describe that...  I also do not see my lat/long.
Just food for thought...  

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	On 12/5/04 at 4:16 PM Christensen, Eric <CHRISTENSENE at MAIL.ECU.EDU> sent:
	>Hope this isn't too late for development purposes, but can you have findU
	>the Mic-E packets on position requests so it shows the lat/long, status, etc
	>along with the raw packet?
	Not sure I understand, findU already decodes the lat/lon, the comment (not
	status, which is sent as a separate packet starting with '>') is plain text
	visible in the raw packet. If you are asking to see the lat/lon of reports, that
	is available through posit.cgi. If you are asking to see lat/lon in text form on
	find.cgi, that would be meaningless clutter to the vast majority of people
	viewing that page. If it is something else, please explain more...
	Steve K4HG

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