[aprssig] TESTERS NEEDED- Getting distance between stations via e-mail or cell phone

Mark A. Lewis mark at siliconjunkie.net
Fri Dec 3 21:25:26 EST 2004

After a thread earlier today, I whipped up something that may prove of
some use to some of you.
I setup a system where you can get the distance between 2 stations via
e-mail or text message on your cell phone.
Here is how it works:
1) Send mail or text message to aprs at kd5zlu.net with a subject
containing the 2 stations separated by a space. Example: FBALL CHASE
Anything in the message body will be ignored.
Within a few min, it will reply back to you with a message with a
subject such as "CHASE is 5.3 miles southwest of FBALL" 
If you get a strange reply, verify you have the station names correct.
It currently does not have any error checking, so it may spew some
garbage if it can't find a station.
This is setup mainly to work with text messages on cell phones, but will
work with e-mail. The message is very short so it can be easily read on
a cell phone.
So, fire off some e-mails and let me know what you think!
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