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Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Thu Dec 2 23:29:52 EST 2004

I'm probably wandering into a minefield, and I know I'm sounding like a 
Linux bigot, but just because Windows makes it harder to use by trying 
to force everyone into a Redmond-predictive mold doesn't mean that 
adding useful extensions to a filename is wrong.

Typing files by there extension isn't really the best way to do things. 
  Even Windows has, in the past, employed flag bits to identify 
executable files.  That they've abandoned it to claim uniqueness (I 
guess... there are other possibilities) suggests a lack of real 
understanding in creating both operating systems with clear-cut 
objectives for functionality, and the concept of writing programs with 
identifiable operations targets.

One problem a lot of Microsoft code (I'm *NOT* pointing at local 
developers here!) embodies is "feature creep".  Too many functions are 
shoehorned into a package.  It bloats, and starts decreasing its 
functionality in core areas.  This can also happen in OS implementations.

Most bloated OS's die a timely death.  Some, supported by "market 
acceptance" are perpetuated despite identifiable problems.

I'm sorry... I see a file extension of .win32 (or even .w32) and I know 
it relates to a Windows implementation.  I see a '.txt' and it's telling 
me it's a general readme.

Telling me I need to conform to your (or Microsoft's) standard for file 
extension naming is as abhorent as my telling you that you must use MY 
preferred OS.

What Curt's doing is making a decision on the file names he's going to 
use.  What you've decided to do (and what I do if I'm forced to use 
Windows) represents acknowledgement that Windows' filename conventions 
are too limiting and need work.  Neither represents the concept of a 
programmer overburdening users.  It may, however, demonstrate (once 
more, to me) that Windows attempts to oversimplify the user experience 
to a point of difficulty.


Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Curt, WE7U wrote on 12/2/2004, 1:04 PM:
>  > README.MAPS might be a good place to start.  That and INSTALL.  You
>  > probably referred mostly to README.win32 as you did the
>  > Cygwin/Xastir install.
>  >
>  > Once nice thing is that we have a team of developers plus a large
>  > group of users who aren't afraid to speak their mind

{diatribe deleted}

>...   [ One of the very first things
> I ALWAYS do in a new Windows installation is override this idiocy, and 
> set the Windows file dialogs to show the entire file name. ]
> In my opinion, this is all part and parcel of Bob B's constant refrain 
> about programmers forcing unneccesary complexity and burdens on the end 
> user.
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