[aprssig] The path subject again

Drew Baxter droobie at maine.rr.com
Thu Dec 2 13:02:48 EST 2004

It all depends on where we're talking about in Maine.  I usually run 
RELAY,WIDE2-2 because Northern Maine is largely lush.  Southern Maine has 
often major traffic jams but I'm not sure if they're directly related to 
paths or not.

We're licensed radio operators and in doing so we should be forced to 
review and update our methods as the landscape changes. We haven't had any 
crazy RELAY, WIDE7-7 folks I think purely because we'd slap them around for it.

I see stations from Quebec coming into here via a new mountaintop Digi.  I 
think some of this is just going to be collateral damage.  The mountaintop 
Digi was a necessity and the traffic from Quebec will just happen.

I see some traffic from Mass here, but all in all most of the traffic I see 
in my area (Bangor, ME) is from this region and state.

--Droo, K1XVM

At 12:46 PM 12/2/2004, Dennis Hudson wrote:
>What makes Mass/RI/CT/ME different from the rest of the heavily populated 
>areas in the country? Other Metro areas in Texas, California, Florida 
>recommend SINGLE WIDEs as a path. RELAY,WIDE3-3 appears to be a growing 
>epidemic on the Eastern Seaboard, 4 Hops in all directions? That's 36 
>potential packets, 30 seconds of airtime per transmit cycle. Why does 
>anyone is Western NY, VT, Quebec, NYC,NJ care about a station in Maine or 
>Boston? How can this be good for the network?
>We have worked very hard to get home stations to run "DIRECTED",WIDE or 
>RELAY,WIDE for mobiles in upstate NY, only to have stations 150+ miles 
>away flood our local network? Trips to mountains to adjust digipeaters so 
>they are only IDing direct, constant user education, emails, letters, 
>training sessions, no it's not easy.
>It appears to be a simple game of, "if the guy next to me is running 
>RELAY,WIDE3-3, why can't I?" It seems every month we rehash this and 
>everyone appears to be in agreement. I write emails to individuals and 
>they reply positively but never make changes to their station. If a group 
>suggests shorter paths and starts using it, maybe others will follow? Does 
>this apply to you? Bob B has suggested ways of computing your aloha 
>circle, Findu is a start, APRS DOS now gives that circle on your screen.
>If everybody would knock it down to DIRECTED,WIDE or WIDE2-2 we would have 
>room for more traffic and things will work much better for us on our local 
>network. 8 of our top 10 users are not locals, and are far outside our 
>aloha circle.
>I'm sorry if this is offensive to anyone and it's a shame we have to keep 
>bringing it up, but if we don't fix it now it will just get worse. It's an 
>unfair distribution of the network, and is preventing us from using our 
>own resources. Please, take it down a notch (or 2 or 3).
>Dennis Hudson, N2LBT
>Albany, NY
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