[aprssig] APRSPoint

Matt Werner kb0kqa at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 23:32:28 EST 2004

On Wed, 1 Dec 2004 22:11:19 -0600, Mark A. Lewis <mark at siliconjunkie.net> wrote:
> The problem isn't the lack of maps per se. It is the well, "uglyness" of
> the maps, and lack of accuracy. There was a thread here the other day
> about just that. Yes, you can make your own maps, but I do not have the
> patience or the desire to do so. With APRSPoint, you hit the ground
> running with accurate maps of the whole US, no muss, no fuss.


The thread here earlier was about the Tiger maps being a couple
hundred feet off, wasn't it?

There is no "making your own maps" to xastir.  I have 2003 street
level data for any part of the US, simply by downloading the map and
placing it in the correct directory.

I don't personally find the maps to be ugly either...  It shows a line
for a road - only so many ways to represent a road...

Just one user's point of view anyway..

73 - Matt

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