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Stephen H. Smith WA8LMF2 at aol.com
Wed Dec 1 15:44:27 EST 2004

Ralph Milnes wrote on 12/1/2004, 10:45 AM:

 > Anyone using APRSPoint that would care to give an opinion about how it
 > stack
 > up against other Windows APRS programs?
 > Ralph KC2RLM

1)  Totally integrates with either MapPoint NorthAmerica (and therefore 
provides fully scrollable/zoomable street-level maps of Canada as well 
as the US) or MapPoint Europe to do the same for all of western Europe.

(Actually, either MapPoint zooms out to show the entire world as a 
simple outline map that shows national borders and major cities as point 
objects. As a result, the full APRS Internet feed will actually cause 
stations in Australia, Central and South American, Japan, Africa as well 
as various islands, etc to be plotted in their correct location -- just 
no local detail when you zoom in.)

Once set up, the basic operation is extremely simple and intuitive since 
it operates exactly like MapPoint or MS Streets&Trips (which doesn't 
work with APRSpoint but has a user interface and map database identical 
to MapPoint's).

An appealing feature of MapPoint (and Streets and Trips for that matter) 
is the ability to switch the map display from a normal street map/road 
atlas presentation to a raised-relief-looking topo display. The detail 
is nowhere as detailed as Delorme TopoUSA but it is interesting.

[Currently the publisher is offering a VERY good deal on MapPoint 2004 
bundled with APRSpoint.  Both for around $100 when MapPoint alone 
normally sells for approx $300 at retail. This is a fully-functional 
MapPoint, not crippled or limited in any way, that will run normally 
stand-alone or with other programs such as the UI-View add-in UI-Point. ]

2)  Latest version will plot track lines on the map for selected mobiles.

3)  DOES support combined data/GPS stream as provided by TH-D7 or D700

4)  If you use Outlook or Outlook Express, the messaging function (as 
well as most of the rest of the user interface) will feel very 
comfortable and familiar.

3)  No TNC init files -- attempts to automatically init any TNC, 
assuming it is in command mode. Causes problems with TH-D7 and D700 if 
another program like UI-View de-initialized the TNC on exit.  I.e. 
turned the TNC off instead of leaving it in command ("packet") mode.

4)  No support for KISS interface

5)  No support for filter port logon arguments to Internet APRS servers.

6)  Uses standard MapPoint symbols instead of the customary APRS icons. 
    The shades of purple and tan simply don't stand out from the 
background colors of MapPoint.  Further, many are simply unrecognizable. 
   I have talked to the developer and am trying to get him to use my 
(updated) standard APRS symbol set in a future release.  [ It's 
apparently perfectly possible to do this since the UI-Point add-on for 
UI-View uses user-provided symbols on a MapPoint display. In fact, an 
updated symbol set for UI-Point is on my website.]

7)   No support for digipeater operation other than what is resident in 
your TNC in command mode; i.e. no sophisticated filtering/pathing 
options such as in the internal UI-View KISS-based digipeater.  Ditto 
for igate operation.

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