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Doug McFadden kc7imr at orednet.org
Tue Aug 31 02:55:48 EDT 2004

I'd seen a coil of 6 or 8 turns of solid wire, 22, 26 or ??? wrapped
around a plug wire with one end connected to an ne-2 and ground the other
ne-2 lead.  Neon lamp fires with plug.  Hard to see in bright sun tho.
Same technique might work for scope?

On Mon, 30 Aug 2004, Mike Yetsko wrote:

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> But since the knowledge base here...
> Anyway, the car I have my radio gear in developed a problem.
> It's an intermittent (not so intermittent on cool mornings after a damp
> night)
> miss.  I get no error codes on the diags.  So I thought plugs...  Not the
> plugs.  So now I'm chasing electronics.
> Anyway...
> Years ago, in one of the electronics hobiest magazines, I saw an article
> about
> interfacing a scope to your car motor.  You made a small adapter and tied
> it to the main coil line.  (HV actually.  It reduced it a lot!)   Then you
> made
> a second interface and tied it to the spark plug for the number 1
> cylinder.
> By setting the trigger and time base correctly, you could see all the
> cylinders
> and get an idea of what the high voltage is doing.  Was a really neat diag
> tool for my 68 Mustang!
> But...  Those were the years of Dumont 701 Cathode Ray Oscillographs.
> Cheap at worst, and tube inputs.  Also, ignition voltages were probably
> close
> to an order of magnitude less than they are today.
> Since the only scope I have is a portable digital storage scope and I
> don't
> want to trash it trying to hook to my Dodge, anyone have any
> recomendations
> on how to couple to the high voltage to look-see what's going on?
> I figure it can't be that much more difficult than looking at the output
> of some
> HF linears...
> Mike
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