[aprssig] D700 microphone cable

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You should consider joining the D700A and/or TM-D700 group on Yahoo Groups
(http://groups.yahoo.com). These sorts of things are discussed all the time.

The short answer, yes your plan will work very well. Many of us have done
exactly that. Just make sure you use a straight-through cable, not a
And while ferrite cores may not be required (and I don't have them), they
wouldn't be a bad idea. The Kenwood kit (which is essentially an RJ-45
extender and phone-cable extender) includes them.


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> I don't like having the microphone on the Kenwood D700 attached
> to the base unit.  I am considering using a CAT5 network cable and
> an RJ45 line coupler to mount the microphone up on the dash.  Has
> anyone done this? Were there any problems?
> Is the connector on the microphone for the D700 an RJ45
> connector?  Will ferrite cores be necessary on each end?

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