[aprssig] D700 microphone cable

tvsjr at sprynet.com tvsjr at sprynet.com
Thu Aug 26 23:29:27 EDT 2004

At 09:50 PM 8/26/2004, Chuck Gooden wrote:
>I don't like having the microphone on the Kenwood D700 attached
>to the base unit.  I am considering using a CAT5 network cable and
>an RJ45 line coupler to mount the microphone up on the dash.  Has
>anyone done this? Were there any problems?
>Is the connector on the microphone for the D700 an RJ45
>connector?  Will ferrite cores be necessary on each end?


The microphone connector is an RJ-45 on both ends. I used the extension 
cable from a Motorola car-mount cell phone, and it worked perfectly 
(heavy-jacket flat cable, black, rubber-insulated RJ-45 male on the radio 
end, and a nice-size RJ-45 female on the other end with provisions to screw 
it down to a surface - about 17' long.) This is a fairly clean looking 
solution, but Cat5 cable and a coupler should work just fine as well.

The control head cable is an RJ-11 on one end, and uses the same modular 
connector you'll find on standard POTS telephone handsets, though the 
number escapes me at the moment (RJ-14?). Ferrite cores were unnecessary in 
both instances.

Both cables run along a 4.5"-diameter bundle containing control cables for 
half a dozen Motorola commercial radios, 1/0ga. master power, etc. without 
issue. They, however, do not parallel any coax - be careful about that.


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