[aprssig] Weather report with status

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 25 15:28:40 EDT 2004

>>> scott at opentrac.org 8/25/04 2:08:08 PM >>>
>What's the best way to report status/comment text 
>with a weather station?

Glad to hear about your simple WX station project!

My opinion is:  Send WX and POSITION in a single 
packet (using  "complete WX format").  Then send 
anything else in  a "STATUS" packet just as  you 
have suggested.

If there are clients that do not display the status packet
then that is a client display issue, and not a protocol 

The advantage of the above technique, is that you
have 98% freedom in what you put in the packet
(as long as it starts with a ">")...

But if you dont mind being constrained to the 5 channel
Telemetry format, you can also then send analog telemetry
using the APRS telemetry format (which the KPC-3 has
implemented)...  but then you have to also tell people
what the 5 channels are and what they mean...

Original message continued:
I'm still working on 1-wire support for the OpenTracker, and at the
I've got freeform text plus battery voltage and board temperature
in a separate status packet every n transmissions.  The only problem
this is that neither FindU nor aprsworld seem to report status text in
weather views.  Xastir shows both, albeit in its usual hard-to-read
UI-View32 displays it just fine.

I think the whole setup should be a contender for the lowest-power
weather station.  The 3" square test board has integrated radio power
control, so average power consumption depends a lot on how much the
radio is
on.  With an upgraded regulator and power save mode enabled,
consumption at
idle should be under 5 ma at 12 volts - should work quite well on a
solar panel.  The test station is N1VG-4 if you want to check it out. 
might bring it along to DCC if anyone's interested.


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