[aprssig] geo.aprsworld.net broken?

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Wed Aug 25 13:54:51 EDT 2004

During my brief connection today on the internet I have noted there seems to be
a problem with the geo server from aprsworld.net.

If you take a typical request generated by my server:


aprsworld returns a correct geo file

# map generated by geo.aprsworld.net and is Copyright 2004, James Jefferson
Jarvis KB0THN
# For information go visit http://geo.aprsworld.net/info/
URL http://maps.aprsworld.net/tmp/extent_d7ae813e0e564f8b97e723af84a7bdab.png
# Tiepoints in the corners
TIEPOINT 1 1 -95.414000 38.071670
TIEPOINT 450 300 -95.402000 38.063670

however, if you check the temp file URL which should contain the image, you get
a file-not-found error


Not Found
 The requested URL /tmp/extent_d7ae813e0e564f8b97e723af84a7bdab.png was not
found on this server.

I'm on a six month road trip, and do not have time to change anything on findU,
so anything that defaults to the geo server or that specifices the geo server
will be broken, until whatever the problem is gets fixed...

Steve K4HG

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