[aprssig] GPS, APRS, QRP and the Long Trail

Brian Riley (maillist) n1bq_list at wulfden.org
Tue Aug 24 22:12:43 EDT 2004

Well of course ... But sooo pedestrian! <grin>

On 8/24/04 10:06 PM, "Richard Amirault" <ramirault at erols.com> wrote:

> Wouldn't it have been easier just to mark the vehicle with a waypoint when
> you left it, then when you are on the trail all you need to do is power up
> the GPS and get the distance back to the waypoint.
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> Subject: [aprssig] GPS, APRS, QRP and the Long Trail
>> I packed along my
>> THD-7, Garmin GPS, Icom 703+, a 20 foot telescoping fishpole antenna,
> (snip)
>> ... But no two maps or signs agree on just how far it was ... So, I got
>> clever, I would stop, get a GPS lock and power on the D7 and force an APRS
>> posit, then I would send a message to my TMD700 in my truck down at the
>> trail head "?APRS?" (easy enough once the first is keyed in, just repeat
> the
>> message) This forces the unit to ID and when I received it back it told me
>> how far I had come (or still to go on the way back) by how far I was from
> my
>> truck. As the crow flies of course.
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