[aprssig] D700/D7 Programming

Gregg G. Wonderly gregg at skymaster.cytetech.com
Mon Aug 23 13:31:45 EDT 2004

>On Sat, 21 Aug 2004, J. Moen (K0ZXU/6) wrote:
>> When I get the time, I'm planning to write a simple VB program to share
>> memories among the free Kenwood memory control programs (in my case
>> MCP-2000, MCP-D700 and MCP-D7G).
>Consider instead writing it in something that is cross-platform.
>That way more people could benefit from your work.  Either that or
>open-source your code so that someone could re-write it in a
>cross-platform language.

Those that find the VB programming environment to be simple and easy to use 
should really take a serious look at Java and IDEs such as Eclipse.  There is 
plenty of power and capabilities in Java to do a wide range of programming 
task.  I have an echolink client that I wrote in Java.  It does GSM encoding 
and decoding on the fly.  I use Java extensively for my work programming 
language of choice, and have deployed very high performance data gathering and 
distribution systems with it as well.

VB is great for windows only environments, but really limits how the software 
can be used and expanded for everyone to take advantage of.  If you write your 
application in Java, and provide a simple JPanel access to the UI, as well as 
a frame, then people can embed your application into their other Java based 
amateur radio software to make it possible to do more interesting things...
gregg at cytetech.com  (Cyte Technologies Inc)

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