[aprssig] Radar Mosaics

Gerry Creager n5jxs gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Thu Aug 19 19:59:10 EDT 2004

They're currently down, as some may have noticed.  I've had a serious 
hardware failure (motherboard) which corrupted a SCSI hard disk on its 
way out.  I should have most things restored tomorrow.

It's taken Dell and me a lot longer than I'd expected/budgetted.  It was 
complicated by a DOA IDE drive I'm using currently as a temporizing 
tool.  Got another one, and installed Linux today, between meetings. 
I've got to move disk structures over tomorrow and re-situate the remote 
file mounts, etc., and physically restore the machine to my office. 
Then, things should come up nicely again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  I didn't plan on either the failure or the 
long-duration repair.

On a positive note, waiting for Dell allowed me to finally get work done 
on findu2!  And a hearty thanks to Steve K4HG, for his work in final 
configs on that box.

73, gerry n5jxs
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