[aprssig] simple digipeater

Chris Kantarjiev cak at dimebank.com
Wed Aug 18 20:33:11 EDT 2004

> Has anyone ever made a digi out of a PIC ?

Not that I've found. It seems that the TNC-X, Byonics PICPAC and perhaps
even the TAPR T238+ (not a PIC, but similar, not shipping yet) would
be good base platforms for this. 

There is a very small TNC advertised at http://www.elcom.gr/ that
is probably PIC-based, but the source code isn't available. It looks
like this product is moving in the right direction for a small APRS digi.

The radio portion is "missing", if you don't want to dedicate
a HT or something similar. The PocketTracker transmitter seems
like a nice start - we need an APRS-only receiver to go with it.
The PT xmit might not be enough power for a digi, though. And it
doesn't have a weather station input, which could be useful... and
here we go, getting away from "minimalist".

> One of the projects I've got in the works now is a minimalist digipeater
> using a HC9S08GT60 processor.  Still a few months off though...

I'd be interested in helping, if there's some way to partition
the work! I can do software, if I've got a spec to work from.

KG6VYD chris

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