[aprssig] simple digipeater

Chris Kantarjiev cak at dimebank.com
Tue Aug 17 18:25:13 EDT 2004

Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> 1)  The PocketTracker has no receiver!  It only transmits.

Right, I understand that. I mentioned it as the right *model* - that
is, the transmitter is designed strictly for sending APRS packets.
It seems that a receiver that was designed strictly for receiving
APRS packets might be easy/cheap to build.

> For the ultimate low power consumption, use a Kantronics KPC3+ ( this is 
> the only TNC with the capability to do WIDEn-N digipeating out of the 
> box).

> To do it cheaply, use a TNC2 clone such as an MFJ-1270 or Paccom, and 
> replace it's standard firmware EPROM with one containing the freeware 
> UI-Digi firmware.  This code essentially gives a TNC2 a "brain 
> transplant" and converts it into a dedicated intelligent APRS digipeater 

Thanks. That gives me a bunch to go research :-)

> The downside of the TNC2/UI-Digi appoach is that a TNC2 consumes a lot 
> more power (300mA at 12VDC) than a KPC3+ (less than 9mA).   A 
> consideration if you want to power this thing on batteries and solar 
> panels.....

That was certainly one hope... 

chris KG6VYD

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