[aprssig] Dodge Intrepid dash

Mike Yetsko myetsko at insydesw.com
Mon Aug 16 23:57:32 EDT 2004

Basically, on the ORIGINAL Intrepid (and like models) the top dash piece
separate from any of the vinyl.  I just went to either side corner and
with an
ice pick carefully get under the edge and lift up.  Once a corner is up,
the rest
should pop up easily.

There was a position for a center speaker in the vehicle that was only
by Chrysler if the vehicle was equipped with Infinity stereo system with
Bi-Amped trunk speakers, but in later issue came with some of the
but high end systems.

On my vehicle, I got a Radio Shack speaker and placed it in the speaker
cutout.  I had to trim off the mounting post for the original speaker to
it fit.  I just dropped the speaker lead down the hole and got it under

I don't think I'd put my GPS under there.  I'd be concerned with the sun
that dash panel, could really cook things.  I've been thinking of putting
of my DigiTravelers under the rear deck...


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> Somebody, a while back, mentionned removing the dash to put a speaker
> Any one know exactly how this is done???........ no luck with the
> archieve?  I want to stuff a speaker in it and maybe put the RM gps in
> there as well.
> thanks
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