[aprssig] New Version 1.02 PMmap On Line

kb2scs at optonline.net kb2scs at optonline.net
Sat Aug 14 18:44:51 EDT 2004

Hi All
            PMmap version 1.02 is now on line for your downloading 

See below what is new for version 1.02

Whats New
Version 1.01
Added support for Peet Bothers Weather Stations. You can now hook up 
the following Peet Brothers
Weather Stations. Ultimeter 2000, 800 and 100. Note you can only use 
Peet Brothers Packet Mode.
PMmap sends out the complete position Weather Packet.
No bug fixes at this time due to the fact that no one has reported 
any bugs to fix.

Version 1.02
Added support for the APRS-IS
You can now connect PMmap to the APRS-IS.
Note PMmap does not function as an IGATE and it never will.
In the future I will be writting a separate IGATE program. This IGATE 
program will be able
to handel the full APRS-IS stream.
The IGATE program will not have a map display. So you will not need 
Precision Mapping to run
the IGATE program.
This IGATE program will use the same Registration Number that PMmap 
So you can buy either one and get the other for free.
PMmap Does not handel the full APRS-IS stream. If connected to the 
full stream PMmap does not
Blowup. The APRS-IS Server just disconnects from PMmap gracefully.

PMmap messaging features when connected to the APRS-IS.
PMmap knows on which port a message to you has come in on so its acks 
are sent on the correct
port. If PMmap has heard a station then it will automatically send 
any messages you send to that
station to the port where PMmap heard that station last.
If PMmap has never heard the station and that station has never sent 
you a message then
PMmap defaults to sending that message to that station via RF.

If you are a registered user of PMmap then PMmap Connects to the APRS-
IS as a Validated user.
If you are using an unregistered version of PMmap you can still 
connect to the APRS-IS your
connection would be unvalidated user.

Added CGIFindu button. When this button is clicked and PMmap is 
connected to the internet
PMmap will perform a Findu CGIFind for the call sign you specify.

Added the following features located under the Position Menu item
Added Alarm
Added Delete
Added Home
Added Track
No bug fixes at this time due to the fact that no one has reported 
any bugs to fix.

Enjoy KB2SCS

Let us hope we never witness the "Silence Of The Hams"
73 DE John  KB2SCS
       E-Mail:            kb2scs at arrl.net

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