[aprssig] WINAPRS WX Warnings

David Odom dodom at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 9 09:07:07 EDT 2004

I run UI-View and Precision Mapping 6.0.  NWS Warming area's work fine for
me.  I have done nothing special to make it happen.  Don't know what your
problem might be.  I also get NWS objects.  They usually aren't within the
warning areas.  If you place the curser on the object it will be identified.

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> As I recall, precision mapping's maps are BMP images rendered by the PM
> engine.  This is different that winaprs maps which are drawn by
> winaprs.  This difference causes the colored polygons of a WX warning to
> not show because it is drawn first, then the BMP image from PM is
> overlayed covering it.  The solution is to run winaprs with the Tiger
> map files so that it can render pretty maps as well as the wx warnings.
> Wes
> Dave Sloan wrote:
> >HI,
> >  Running WINAPRS 2.7.5 and if I have the wx warnings showing until I
> >Precision Mapping. Then the only thing that show is an icon at the center
> >the warning. Is this normal or do I have something set up wrong?
> >
> >Tnx & 73,
> >Dave N0EOP
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