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Mon Aug 9 12:12:58 EDT 2004

On Sun, 8 Aug 2004, David Dobbins wrote:

> Non-Ham Radio Communications:
> * WiFi System. Although power problems precluded the WiFi system from
> being up more than about 50% of the race, it was a great tool when it
> was up. The med info team had a secure link to the med tent, where a
> database was kept on who reported for medical attention. In the med info
> tent, we also had access to the Ironman web site that included runner
> info and times when they completed each of the three events.

Might I suggest that some of the race officials might want to get
equipped with RINO units?

Put one of the lower-end RINO units at base on a pole with a serial
cable hanging down to the APRS computer.  Run OZIaprs or Xastir
there so that you can plot the positions of the RINO units on your
map as well as the APRS positions.  Latest Xastir has the ability to
turn those positions into APRS objects and transmit them on APRS,
but you can also turn off transmit of all objects/items (or turn off
ALL transmitting) to keep them private.

Just a thought.  Often the location of race officials is pretty

You can extend this idea to cover events that are in a fairly
limited area, equipping participants and vehicles with RINO's
instead of APRS units where it makes sense.

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