[aprssig] RE: 1 Serial GPS Feeding 2 Applications

WB4GQK at aol.com WB4GQK at aol.com
Wed Aug 4 23:22:42 EDT 2004

Hi Rich,

I am using Lantronics Virtual port to feed GPS data to: 1 The CAP'N 
navigation program; 2 WinAPRS which feeds position data to my ICOM M800 marine SSB;
3,the DSC on my marine ICOM M602 VHF radio.

The Virtual port software is free and works quite well in my laptop 
distributing the NMEA posit data to all 3 applications. Sorry I have misplaced the URL 
but do a google search for Lantronics

73 de Jim wb4gqk

73 de Jim wb4gqk

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