[aprssig] noise cancelling headset?

Wes Johnston wes at johnston.net
Tue Aug 3 21:56:33 EDT 2004

While this is slightly off topic but it does partain to aprs a little... 
please bear with me.

Xastir now supports garmin rino radios.  This means that we will be 
operating rinos and ham from an airplane.  We'll download positions of 
other rino users and publish them on aprs as objects from the air.  
We'll mix voice and data on the same frequency (not 144.39 - my rig 
would never hear enough silence to TX).  Problem is when using voice I 
can't hear the radio.  I can put a small ear bud inside the big aviation 
headset, but I also need a noise cancelling mic for the rino and / or a 
kenwood d7.  Ideally, it would be nice to use the carbon mic on the 
aviation headset.. what do I need to know about that?  Is there a magic box?


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