[aprssig] wide9-9?? Whoaaaa nelly.

Wes Johnston wes at johnston.net
Mon Aug 2 21:03:24 EDT 2004

Ummmm..... isn't wide9-9 directional for East?  wide7 is the furthest 
omni, the remaining 8-15 numbers are directional starting with North and 
going around the compass rose twice.  Not that this was ever implemented 
on any digipeater correctly..  but I think the kpc3's won't digipeat 
anything higher than 7-7.


Larry Cerney wrote:

>No user should use WIDE9-9.  APRS is a local tactical network with
>capabilities to send information a long way.  For each of us user we should
>have paths no farther than the first Igate.  Once a position beacon gets to
>an Igate it goes into the Internet to APRS-IS server system and anyone with
>internet access and appropriate software can track a station around the

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