[aprssig] what is RELAY, WIDE, TRACE, etc?

Matt Werner kb0kqa at arrl.net
Mon Aug 2 11:56:10 EDT 2004

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> What's wrong with some sort of simple hop count/TTL? (Ignoring the fact
> that it probably breaks the current system.)  Wouldn't this allow digi
> operators to easily reign in users who try to use 8 hops, as well as
> shorten the overall packet length and reduce bandwidth?

Everyone seems to be skirting this one, so I'll take a crack at it.

Using a simple hop count would in essence remove the distinction that we now
have between RELAY and WIDE.  Every RELAY would change the hop count and
then transmit, as would every WIDE.  Thus a path of RELAY, WIDE2-2 would be
simplified to 3 hops.  That would be the same as RELAY,RELAY,RELAY.

>From some of the other discussion hopefully you understand what you would
only want to use RELAY a maximum of one time, and only in the first

73 - Matt

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