[TangerineSDR] Good luck for the eclipse tomorrow!

Phil Karn karn at ka9q.net
Mon Apr 8 23:26:52 EDT 2024

I don't know about Dallas, but Gatesville is about halfway between 
Dallas and San Antonio, and we had a lot of clouds. But at least we saw 
2nd and 3rd contact (beginning and end of totality) fairly clearly. We 
did have intermittent clouds during totality, however.

You pays your money and you takes you chances.


On 4/8/24 14:41, Franco VENTURI via TangerineSDR wrote:
> I just saw it on TV and it looks like Dallas had a perfect view of the 
> eclipse!
> It must have been quite an experience!
> Franco
>> On 04/07/2024 11:14 PM EDT Phil Karn via TangerineSDR 
>> <tangerinesdr at lists.tapr.org> wrote:
>> We are in our hotel in Gatesville, TX, exactly in the middle of the 
>> (slightly revised) track. We spent last night near Ft Worth, where 
>> this afternoon it was almost completely clear. And it's mostly clear 
>> here now. But we know it won't stay that way. Anyway, it's now all in 
>> the hands of the eclipse gods.
>> On 4/7/24 16:13, Franco VENTURI via TangerineSDR wrote:
>>> Just a quick message to wish everyone good luck for the eclipse 
>>> tomorrow!
>>> I hope the weather will be nice and you'll be able to enjoy the 
>>> beautiful show of the total eclipse!
>>> 73,
>>> Franco K4VZ
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