[TangerineSDR] Expired Membership Email Sent in Error

Stan Horzepa stanzepa at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 16:52:48 EDT 2023

Yesterday, due to a misunderstanding on my part about how WordPress and
WooCommerce work (the documentation is really poor, and the PHP code is
unfortunately worse, but that's no excuse...), I accidentally 'expired' the
membership of a number of TAPR members, including Board Members and
Officers, including myself.

I think that I have now repaired the errors, but may have gotten a few
wrong.  Please, if you are or think you are a member of TAPR, please log in
to our website, and visit your accounts page, to see your membership status
and expiry date.  Please make sure this looks correct.  If not, please
contact me directly at 'ghbyrkit at chartermi.net' and I will quickly repair
your membership.  Maybe you are paid up into the future more than I could
reconstruct.  Just let me know.  Maybe I 'renewed' you and you know that you
are an expired member.  Either 'welcome back' for a year, or let me know and
I'll re-expire your membership.  Your integrity will not be questioned...

Again, I apologize.  Now I know what NOT to do...

George Byrkit, K9TRV
ghbyrkit at chartermi.net
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