[TangerineSDR] Presentation on GNU Radio 4.0 at GRCon23

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I have had one ear on the gnuradio talks myself.

I saw Dr. Steinhagen’s talk the day before also where he described the 11 accelerometer system campus he is involved with. Perhaps you saw this also. The way they track the progress of the accelerated beams is by monitoring RF energy exited. So you can see how timing is critical part of their mission.

An Important part of what they are doing for GR 4.0 is to make the C++ code as efficient as they possibly can.

We are lucky to have FAIR come along and take up gnuradio. It sounds like they have many programmers and they are funded.

Eric Blossom gave a history of how gnuradio got started yesterday and he mentioned that NSF provided funding early also. So these funding sources along with the contributions of open source people helped make this great.

Eric also mentioned Phil Karn for his efforts to fight the US government on control of codes. It seems Erics interest in encrypting, security codes and these issue where part his early motivation for GR.
Actually it reminds me of the current discussion about trying to control AI.


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Since several of us are using GNU Radio, I thought you might be interested in Dr Ralph J Steinhagen's presentation this morning at the annual GNU Radio Conference about the future developments of GNU Radio: "GNU Radio 4.0: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants"

This is the link on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiLcz9FoxKw - his presentation starts at about 1:05:30

I found especially interesting for this group the part about "Tag-Based Timing System Integration" that starts at about 1:42:35

Franco K4VZ
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