[TangerineSDR] Comprehensive Introduction Document to Amateur VLF Below 8300 Hz

Jonathan emuman100 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 12:55:43 EDT 2023

Hello All,

I wanted to inform everyone about a comprehensive introduction document to
amateur VLF frequencies below 8300 Hz written by Bernd, DL3JMM, originally
in German but translated to English by AI. This document talks about
transmission and reception techniques and provides an excellent foundation
to anyone interested and looking to get started working and receiving below
8300 Hz. Here is Bernd's message below:

Hello VLF (Community),

Various letters with inquiries prompted me to create a short description of
radio operation at frequencies below 8300 Hz.

Here is an introduction:

- General
- Legal notice
- RX technology / software / Antennas
- TX technology / software / Antennas
- Send types
- Grabber

1. General

The frequency range below 8300 Hz offers fascinating experiences in radio
connections that only a few amateurs have made so far. Overcoming
challenges that were initially thought to be insurmountable gives a „
Marconi feeling “ of the early days in radio. In the meantime, amateurs
have achieved connections between Europe and Asia and between Europe and
North America.

Here is the link to click on:


and here the German version:


Markus, DF6NM, supported me with advice and support when creating this
short description
and he ensured the good translation into the English language.

best regards
Bernd, DL3JMM

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