[TangerineSDR] Fwd: Turn Island 30 MHz Low Pass + optional 20 dB 10 MHz shelving filters are available

Rob Robinett rob at robinett.us
Wed Aug 30 01:57:31 EDT 2023

I have 4 pieces of Paul WB6CXC filters available.  He describes it several
pages down on his main page at:  https://turnislandsystems.com

Those of you running your RX-888 at the thermally preferred 64.8 Mhz almost
certainly need a good 30 MHz anti-aliasing filter like this in front of
your RX-888.

His product also includes a configurable 10 MHz high pass shelving filter
inspired by Clint KA7OEI's designs.  As the bands open more and more,
suppressing both AM and SW broadcasters can help minimize overloading of
all direct sampling SDRs like the RX-888 and the KiwiSDR.

Email me if you are interested in one

[image: Turn Island 30 MHz LPF.jpg]


Rob Robinett
rob at robinett.us
mobile: +1 650 218 8896
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