[TangerineSDR] Good progress with KA9Q and Gnuradio

Bob Stricklin bstrick at n5brg.com
Sat Aug 26 14:58:41 EDT 2023

This is good news. Nice job to all involved.


> On Aug 26, 2023, at 9:58 AM, Tom McDermott via TangerineSDR <tangerinesdr at lists.tapr.org> wrote:
> I would like to say thank you to Franco, K4VZ and Phil, KA9Q for lots of great help this last week.
> I have been successful in getting a Raspberry PI 3B+ with an RTLSDR dongle working to send IQ data to Gnuradio
> on a separate Linux host using the updated version of ka9q-radio.
> 1. When the host is run on a different computer than the radio is on (i.e. over a network) then
> one needs to add   ttl = 1  to the .conf file (ttl means time-to-live for the packet)  Without the ttl parameter
> it defaults to ttl = 0 such that the Raspberry Pi never sends multicast data or multicast control over the
> network connection (just to the RPi's loopback address).  My network has IGMP snooping turned on so
> that multicast packets are only sent on network ports with active subscribers).  The multicast names
> are properly resolving to IPv4 across the network.
> 2. There were some buffer problems that resulted in long runs of zero-valued samples interspersed within
> the IQ data. I had them all the time with my setup, Franco had them intermittently with his.   This is working now on
> my setup after pulling the Aug 24 update from the ka9q-radio github.
> 3. Franco's Gnuradio module seems to be working great without issues on my setup (Ubuntu 22.04 / gnuradio 3.10).
> It receives the IQ stream from the RTLSDR over the network and can tune the output and demodule
> NWS weather stations within gnuradio producing audio output. It shuts down properly.
> 4. Phil's control program is now working (due to fix #1 above).
> 5. This has been tested so far at 48000 samples/sec so far.  The Raspberry Pi 3B+ is running about 30% load
> when sending this one multicast stream.
> 6. There are further tests planned (sample rate, RX888, etc.).
> Again many thanks to Franco and Phil !  I know they spent a lot of time on this over the week.
> -- Tom, N5EG
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